Overhaverbeck - Undeloh 6,9 km ---------- total distance 59,6 km




From Overhaverbeck on we are going into the core zone of the Lüneburg Heath region.

No cars allowed. The great outdoors! Acres and acres of heath. The course is going towards 'Wilsede', one of the most known and popular villages in the Lüneburg Heath . Firstly we have to run on the walkway left of the path for horse-drawn carriages. After slow 800m rise we will run on the asphalt street throuigh the forest straight to Wilsede.

We have done 3,2km and there is another refreshment station just before we turn to the left. We cross through Wilsede and there is a slow rise when we leave the village.

Now we have to turn left and run along the forest with a wonderful view of the heath acres on the right. After 1,4km we turn right to take the Hermann-Röhrig-trail through the forest, after another 1,4 km we reach the finish of stage 6 on the parking area in Undeloh.




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Transition zone & refreshment station Undeloh