Schwindebeck - Bispingen 9,6km ---------- total distance 41,9km


For the first 2km stage 4  follows the Luhe-bikeway, a surfaced forest trail close to the Luhe river towards the village Steinbeck. After 3,7km we leave the forest and the course starts to be flat and fast. We cross the Hans-Christoph-Bohm-Ring (K39) and run on the streets 'Über der Luhe' and 'Hinter der Luhe' along the Luhe meadows through Steinbeck towards the next village Hützel, where we have to cross the district and village road K4 (Dorfstraße) in the centre. Then we take the Hützeler Damm on the walkway, after 300m we turn left along the Wintersberg through the housing estate. In front of the equestrian farm  we turn left and take the narrow walkway 'Trift'. 1km later we reach the public baths in Bispingen as finish of stage 4.


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Transition zone & refreshment station Bispingen