Amelinghausen - Schwindebeck 8,3 km ---------- total distance 32,3 km


Firstly the course leads through the centre of Amelinghausen. On the first 1.8km we have a continuous slow rise. At the railway station we cross the district road on a pedestrian overpath and turn left to take the walkway. 100m ölater we turn right and run along the Jungfernstieg. Now we have that 800m long rise. Then we leave Amelinghausen towards Etzen. A short distance from Etzen we turn left and reach the district road B209. We turn right on the walkway and 1km towards the little farm town Dehnsen. We take the street to the left through the village and follow the signpostings towards Schwindebeck. As of now the next 3,2km are continual downhill, down to the valley of the Luhe river. At the junction near Schwindebeck we reach the finish of stage 3 on the open country.


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Transition zone / refreshment station