Egestorf - Salzhausen 10,6 km ---------- total distance 79,4 km


On a solid ground we have to follow the forest way now for 600m along the railway tracks. Then we turn rightwards. Now we run on a part of the Pastor-Bode-trail and a bit later we underpass the highway A7. Up next we have a slow rise for 500m straight ahead. At the next fork on the road we run straight ahead. Now we run through another forest and after 1 km we turn to the left (please watch out for the signboards!), and now we ahve a passage about 1,5 km always straight ahead . Then a bit to the left we run downhill and a few metres later we have to take the last short rise, before we reach the district road K5 just in front of the village 'Eyendorf'. We turn rightward and take the bikeway/walkway and cross through Eyendorf always downhill. At the end of the village there is a flat passage before we reach the village 'Salzhausen'. At the entrance of Salzhausen we turn rightwards to run on the Kreuzweg walkway. We pass the school of Salzhausen and after 500m we turn to the right to enter the sports ground of Salzhausen as finish of stage 8


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Transition zone & refreshment station Salzhausen