Bispingen - Overhaverbeck 10,8 km ---------- total distance 52,7 km


On stage 5 we reach bit by bit the famous heath landscape, the nature reserve Lüneburg Heath. 500m after leaving the zone in Bisping we turn right and the walkway along the 'Borsteler Straße takes a slow rise for 800m. After another 1km downhill we reach the village 'Borstel in der Kuhle'. At the village exit we cross the main street and run 5 km on the Heidschnuckenweg, one of the most beautiful trails in Germany. At the end of the forest we have to pass a openable gate for wild animals. Then we underpass the highway A7. A little later we turn strong left down to the Branau lake, another recreation area. At the Brunau lake we keep to the left and circulate the lake at the south through the pleisure ground and we reach the village 'Behringen'. We turn left and a little later right. Now we follow the walkway for the next 5km along the district street L211. Just after leaving 'Behringen' the eyes drift to rambling Heathlands on the left. 700m behind the junction L211/ K51 lwe run into the nature reserve Naturschutzgebiet Lüneburger Heide. This fascinating landscapes will convoy us now until the end of stage 6 near the village 'Egestorf'. By reaching the village Overhaverbeck we leave the L211, we turn right and have to take a slow rise to the finish of stage 5, which is located in the yard 'Hof Bockelmann'. This is also a coffee restaurant where you get get delicious cakes


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Transition zone & refreshment station Overhaverbeck